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Weaving Workshop

Weaving Workshop



Experimental tapestry weaving



Weaving is a very satisfying method of creating your own fabric from yarn and other materials.


It is an ancient craft dating back to before 5,000BC, and fabric was always made by hand up until the industrial revolution.

Weaving together a variety of coloured and textured yarn and using a range of techniques can be a very creative process to produce original items.


The fabric can then be made into a wide range of items, including: scarves, bags, clothing, wall hangings, belts etc.



Weaving Workshop - 3 hours


In this workshop you will learn the basics of weaving. You will be able to go home with confidence and the knowledge to be able to weave your own fabric.


You will be taught and encouraged to;

  • use both frame and table loom
  • how to design your fabric
  • prepare your loom
  • weave using a variety of techniques
  • complete your weaving, possibly using fringing
  • examine and use a variety of weaving equipment

This course is suitable for beginners.

Materials, equipment and light refreshments are provided.

Maximum group size - 8



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