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Indigo Tie Dye Workshop

Indiigo Tie Dyeing Workshop


Indigo Tie Dye

Indigo tie dye samples


Indigo Tie Dyeing

Indigo Blue is extracted from the indigo plant which grows in tropical countries. It uses a different method of dyeing than most other colours.


There is a wide range of techniques used to make interesting patterns in fabric, including stitching and tying fabric with rubber bands, string and pegs.



Indigo Tie Dyeing Workshop - 3 hours


In this workshop we will experiment making a range of samples that are tied and dyed with indigo.


You will be taught and encouraged to:

  • learn how to make a vat of indigo dye
  • use a variety of tying and patterning techniques
  • dye samples in indigo
  • make records your dyeing experiments

This course is suitable for beginners.

Materials, equipment and light refreshments are provided.

Maximum group size - 8



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contact Dee -

01433 208295 or 07837 578382