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Dyeing Workshop

Natural Dyeing Workshop


Dyeing Workshop

Natural Dyeing Workshop



Natural Dyeing

Natural dyes can be made using using berries, leaves, flowers, roots, tree barks and kitchen waste and the use of mordants extend the variety of colours.


Natural dyeing using locally available plants etc. is a very satisfying way of adding colour to your craft project.



Natural Dyeing Workshop - 3 hours


In this workshop you will learn how to make natural dyes from a variety of sources. We will dye yarn and fabric with the dyes using tried and tested recipes.


You will be taught and encouraged to:

  • examine a variety of dyes stuff
  • use different mordants
  • make some dyed samples
  • record your dyeing experiments

This course is suitable for beginners.

Materials, equipment and light refreshments are provided.

Maximum group size - 8



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contact Dee -

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