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Coiled Basket

Coiled basket using naturally dyed yarn


Coiled basket

Working on a fabric and thread coiled basket


Coiled Basketry Workshop

All over the world since ancient times people have been making useful and beautiful coiled baskets, mats, bags and other items.


The craft of coiled basketry utilises a variety of materials including straw, grasses, yarn, rushes, fabric and pine needles.

The coiled baskets usually start with a spiral type shape and then worked into the required shape as it develops.



Coiled Basketry Workshop - 3 hours


In this workshop you will learn how to make a small basket or mat using your own choice of materials. Using a needle we will sew a thread, material or raffia around a core material.


You will be taught and encouraged to:

  • make a small basket or mat
  • use different techniques
  • make patterns
  • use a variety of materials
  • experiment with colour
  • make samples

This course is suitable for beginners.

Materials, equipment and light refreshments are provided.

Maximum group size - 8



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