Kinder Yarn



Spindle Tution





If you would like some individual attention to help you learn a craft, then one-to-one tuition is available. You will then be able to learn at your own pace.


All of the following crafts are available for you to book a tutorial session.



Beginners Spinning

In a three hour session we will cover sorting and carding a fleece, drop spindle, spinning wheel, plying and handling the yarn. This will give youenough information to get you started spinning fleece into yarn.



Designer Yarn

We will experiment with a wide variety of fleece, fibres and other materials to create colourful yarns. You will learn different techniques including making slubs, adding beads and locks, core spinning etc. At the end of this session you will go home with an armful of unique and colourful yarn.

Ability to spin a basic yarn either on a spindle or spinning wheel is essential for this session.



Advanced Spinning

Depending on your own particular needs you will extend your knowledge of spinning in this session. You will learn how to plan a project and develop your spinning techniques so that you have the control to spin a yarn to different specifications.

Ability to spin a basic yarn is essential for this session.



Natural Dyeing

If you have ever wanted to dye your own fleece, yarn or material using natural dyes for your own craft projects, here is an opportunity to learn and get some hands on experience. Individual requests will be catered for regarding which dyes will be used. A choice of colour will be offered and a wide range of dye stuff is available, although some seasonal variations are possible, including;

Fruit - elderberry, ivy berries, bullace

Tree barks - willow, oak, apple

Flowers - dyers chamomile, dandelion

Leaves - forsythia, privet, rhubarb

Roots - madder, sorrel, onion skins



Indigo Tie Dyeing

If you have ever wanted to tie and dye your tee-shirt or clothes here is an opportunity to learn and get some hands on experience. Using an indigo dye vat, and lots of string, we will create interesting patterns on fabric and garments.



Beginners Weaving

Learn how to set up a warp and then weave using a frame or table loom. Using your own choice of yarn and colour you will make a wall hanging or get started on your own weaving project. Be creative and learn to weave using a variety of techniques to make texture and shapes on the woven fabric. At the end of the session you will go home with a weaving project to complete at home in your own time.



Tapestry Weaving

Design and produce a woven tapestry sampler using a tapestry frame. Weave your own sampler using a variety of techniques including interlocking, slits, dovetailing, knotting, loops and soumak.

This is suitable for beginners and those with some experience.



More time or sessions may be needed according to your ability, this can be arranged on an individual basis.


Equipment, materials and light refreshments provided.


Cost - all sessions are £60 for a 3 hr session


Workshops and tuition can be arranged at the venue of your choice.


To arrange and book a tuition session contact Dee;

01433 208295 or 07837 578382


I have public liability insurance and a DBS number.